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A Small White Color House in the Middle of Autumn Trees

Feng Shui Your Living Space

In today’s fast-paced world, we yearn to get home and enjoy some “ME” time after a long day. Whether it’s with family, friends, pets, or just spending a night watching a movie, a little downtime is positively rejuvenating.

A Computer With a Notepad and Tools

Feng Shui Your Office

Whether your office is at home or in another location - it is an extension of you. The location of your desk influences and symbolizes your career and life path. What does your office/desk say about you? Let's find out.

A Black Color Boots Beside Flower Pots

Feng Shui Your Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t like spending time outside? Our yards, whether front or back, are definitely an extension of our home. Did you know that your yard has a wealth, relationship, and career area? Interesting, right? Let’s discover the secrets within your yard and how it can enable a more soothing environment.

A Pink and White Themed Bedroom for Children

Feng Shui Your Child’s Room

Is your child having trouble sleeping? Do they get distracted while doing their homework? Are they often sick or angry? Did you know that specific colors, posters, objects, lighting, and furniture placement for example can all play a key role in your child’s well-being? Let's work together to energize their space.

A Brass Bowl for Cleansing Practice

Vibrational Sound Bowl Massage

Do you sometimes feel a massage is too uncomfortable? Do you still feel tense, sore, and stressed out after the session? Well, let me tell you about the newest trend in massage therapy it’s called Vibrational Sound Bowl Massage.

 Inform your doctor about the upcoming session.

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Bring bottled water to the session.

Bonus: I also offer a 30m complimentary session to doctors and nurses in their offices. If you put me in touch with your physician and they take advantage of this offer, you earn a complimentary 30m session on your 2nd visit.